The Beginning.

It started on a train, laying up towards the top of the train car. I remember only seeing one old lady, who ended up staying with me until the ambulance came. I never got to thank her, don’t know her name – but she is truly one of those living angels that God puts on this world.

Once I finally came to my senses – and after a cute 5-minute throwing up in public session which always accompanies a ‘fainting spell’ – my train conductor and police officer asked me if I wanted to go to to the hospital. My response: I don’t know .. I have really bad insurance.

I should probably backtrack and tell you how I got on the floor of the Metra train. It was August 2009 and I had just been hired on full time at a PR agency in Chicago. A seasoned Senior Account Executive had just taken a new job in California and I was to take over her accounts. To say I was 30-ft in over my head was an understatement. I had – at the time -a wonderful boyfriend, a promising job and great friends. But, daily commuting from my hometown in Elgin out to the city was definitely started to take its toll. Couple that with a heavy work load, attempting to keep a strict work out schedule AND see family, friends and a bf – my life was simply jam-packed. I tell you this because 1) I do think me passing out had to do with my stress levels slightly and want to make sure others never let stress affect them in that physical of a way 2) Stress will have other physical triggers later on.

I was on the Metra on a rainy day and had to rush to finish a project. I had all your classic symptoms – sweaty, hot flash, tunnel vision – where am I? Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of gracefully fainting and ended up smacking my head against the hard, metal arm rests. And now we are back to the police officer asking if I needed to go to the hospital or not. I decided my parents would give me a headache that really wouldn’t go away if I turned down an ambulance ride (that would later cost me $2K). So I accepted, and they called my parents letting them know that I would be heading to Northwestern.

My parents are seasoned pros at the hospital drills – that’s for another day. My mom had taken the last passing out so it was my dad’s turn to come get me at the hospital. After an EKG, a Cat Scan and a pregnancy test (that’s a fun conversation to have with your father in the room) – I was sent home and was to follow up with my doctor the next day.

What was to come next was a lot of tears, a lot of tests and a lot of pain.

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Hello world!

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